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Kolkata Tyre Park Feature Image

Kolkata Tyre Park, An Exceptional Initiative By WBTC

Kolkata Tyre Park is the latest addition to the city of joy. This is the first of its kind in India where the main motive of this park is to ...
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Coffee House New Town Featured Image

Coffee House New Town, Old Charm in Modern Wrapper?

On 3rd December 2020, New Town got a Coffee House to its crown near Amity University. Although by its name it does not look like a branch of the famous ...
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Mousuni Island Tour Guide

Mousuni Island Weekend Tour Guide – After Lockdown 2020

Mousuni Island is comparatively a newer and slightly offbeat weekend destination from Kolkata, although it is gaining popularity quite rapidly. The nature of the Bay of Bengal at Mousuni Island ...
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Ultimate Motorcycle PDI Checklist Feature Image

Perfect Motorcycle Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist

Today we will discuss and outline the ultimate motorcycle PDI checklist also know as the Pre-Delivery Inspection checklist. So that you can eliminate most of the manufacturing defects on your ...
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Why ABS is Important_ Feature Image

Why Motorcycle ABS is Important for Your Safety?

The most basic safety feature a motorcycle must have is ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) which prevents wheels from locking in panic or hard braking situations. Each year hundreds of riders ...
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Best Motorcycle Riding Jacket Buying Guide

Motorcycle Riding Jacket Buying Guide

Riding gear is something many of us usually avoid, knowing we are ignoring our safety. Previously we discussed why riding gear is so important that it may save you from ...
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Importance of Motorcycle Riding Gear Feature Image

Why Riding Gear can be a lifesaver for you

A rider is not only who loves long rides or has a very expensive motorcycle either but everyone who rides a motorcycle for any reason. As a rider, we often ...
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Coronavirus Tips Featured Image

Coronavirus Tips: Don’t Go Out Or Be Alert

Coronavirus and its disease COVID-19 is seriously hampering people’s daily life, country’s economic, etc. People are so disturbed and depressed that they want to go outside maybe for work or ...
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Amphan Cyclone effect in Kolkata, 21st May 2020 Featured Image

Amphan Cyclone effect in Kolkata, 20th May 2020

Hope you are safe after Amphan Cyclone! Everyone slowly started coping with the COVID-19 effect. Suddenly we got the Amphan Cyclone alert, especially for West Bengal and Odisha people it ...
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5 key lessons to Learn from COVID-19 Pandemic

Undoubtedly Covid-19 has made a lot of problems at each level be it as individual, community, or as a whole country, everyone is affected and continuing to do so.. Still, ...
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Why We must use Aarogya Setu App Feature Image

Why we must use Official Aarogya Setu App – Setup, Importance & Limitations

Govt. of India recently launched a health-related application, Aarogya Setu. This application mainly developed and promoted to contact tracing COVID19 positive or suspected persons near us. But it seems to ...
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7 ways to improve yourself Featured Image

7 Easy Ways to Improve Yourself in COVID-19 Lockdown

Our whole revolves around “I”. We always want to speak and hear about ourselves only. Some of you may think about what kind of rubbish is this, I love my ...
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7 reasons Why India may cross USA & Italy figures soon

7 facts India will be next USA in COVID-19

COVID-19 is a massively contagious disease all thanks to the latest coronavirus Sars-Cov-2. Almost every corner of the world is either infected or has great possibilities to become infected and ...
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Stop Travel before you know about Covid 19 Feature Image

Stop Travel before you know about CoronaVirus & COVID-19

These days people are only talking about CoronaVirus. Many people already know what is it and how to be safe in this epidemic situation. But sadly there is a huge ...
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Kolkata East West Metro Corridor 2020

Kolkata East-West Metro Corridor – 2020 (Phase 1A – Sector V to Saltlake Stadium)

After a long wait, Kolkata people finally getting a piece of relief as the first phase (phase 1A) of East-West corridor Metro is started it's operation from today i.e. 14th ...
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Smaranika Tram Museum

Smaranika Tram Museum Kolkata (Feb 2020)

Smaranika Tram Museum is one of the bold efforts to showcase the history of Tram and its heritage in Kolkata. Tram is no doubt an eco-friendly commute. More than 200 ...
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44th International Kolkata Book Fair 2020 Feature Image

Everything about 44th International Kolkata Book Fair 2020

International Kolkata Book Fair (in Bengali: আন্তর্জাতিক কলকাতা বইমেলা) initially started in 1976 with only 34 publishers. Eventually, it started to grow exponentially. Currently, the fair gets more than 2.5 ...
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How to Choose Good Motorcycle Helmet

How to Choose Good Motorcycle Helmet

Helmet is an integral part of a rider's life. It not only protects you from falls but also showcases your personality. People who ride daily for commuting to workplaces even ...
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Helmet saved my life

The helmet saved my life in K2K Ride

We all know Helmet is the most important riding gear in motorcycling, sometimes more precious than your motorcycle. Often riders misjudge the significance of a good helmet which may or ...
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Chatimtala, Shantiniketan Tour Guide

Best Shantiniketan Tour Guide in Budget

Bolpur also referred to as Shantiniketan is one of the most popular weekend trip destinations in West Bengal. In Bengali, Shantiniketan means house of peace and the majority of Bolpur ...
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Durga Puja Chorbagan 2019 - South Kolkata Durga Puja guide Map

South Kolkata Durga Puja Guide Map

Likewise, North & Central Kolkata, South Kolkata is also very popular for theme-based Durga Pujas. Many people start pandal hopping as early as Panchami due to heavy rush on later ...
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New Alipore Durga Puja 2018

North & Central Kolkata Durga Puja Guide Map

These days Pandal hopping in Kolkata became so random because of numerous popular Puja pandals here and there. So, we outlined the best possible map for North & Central Kolkata ...
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Kolkata Durga Puja 2019 | Guide | Info | Rules

Durga Puja is Bengali's biggest festival when Kolkata gets more colorful lights and decorations. Various theme pandals are made to attract more visitors, centering worship goddess Durga and her children ...
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How to fight AMS or High Altitude Sickness in Ladakh

How to fight AMS or High Altitude Sickness in Ladakh?

What is AMS or High Altitude Sickness? AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) commonly referred to as High Altitude Sickness, can be evident in higher mountains (9000+ ft). During this type of ...
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How to get Leh Ladakh Inner Line Permit

How to get Leh Ladakh Inner Line Permit

Nowadays, the processes to get a Leh Ladakh Inner Line Permit became very easy, now you can go online and fill-up the form. We will be detailing the procedure in ...
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Ultimate Leh Ladakh Trip Guide

Most Comprehensive Leh Ladakh Trip Guide

Ladakh is considered as one of the most beautiful cold deserts in the world. Beautiful lakes, the highest motorable passes, and picture-perfect landscape made this region quite famous among the ...
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The RBI Museum Kolkata City Guide

The RBI Museum | Kolkata City Guide

The Kolkata RBI museum is an effort by Reserve Bank of India to showcase the history of world currency, how it evolved over time, the importance of gold in the ...
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Ultimate Gangtok Tour Guide Feature Image

Ultimate Gangtok Tour Guide

We often search, "hotels in Gangtok", "Gangtok sightseeing", "best time to visit Gangtok" or "which local food is a must-try in Gangtok". If you are also searching for this information, ...
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M P Birla Planetarium

M P Birla Planetarium | Kolkata City Guide

M P Birla Planetarium is one of the most significant educational places in Kolkata. Students or anyone who loves to know about the galaxy, universe and its secrets, should visit ...
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Sunrise at Bakkhali

Bakkhali, a Chaotic but Beautiful Beach

If you love Sea, you will definitely love Bakkhali, chaotic but beautiful beach. Maybe half a day you will spend at the seashore. Being a very small place, you will ...
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Biswa Bangla Gate Feature Image

Biswa Bangla Gate | Kolkata City Guide

Biswa Bangla Gate, also known as Kolkata Gate is the latest crown of Kolkata. Few prefer to call it the Welcome Gate. There are two arcs of 55 meters height ...
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Eco Park 7 Wonders Feature Image

Eco Park 7 Wonders Replica | Kolkata City Guide

Eco Park is undoubtedly the best-decorated park in Kolkata. It houses a lot of activities like cruising, ice skating, cycling, kayaking, zorbing, etc. It also has a segregated area as ...
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Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat Kolkata City Guide

Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat | Kolkata City Guide

Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat is an umbrella organization showcasing and promoting all the handloom & handicraft products of West Bengal. You can purchase handicraft items, sarees directly from the manufacturer ...
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Howrah Bridge Feature Image

Why Howrah Bridge is famous | Kolkata City Guide

Howrah Bridge is probably the second most popular attraction in Kolkata after Victoria Memorial if not first. The bridge connects two districts namely Kolkata and Howrah, with a suspended span ...
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Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith

Sri Ramkrishna Ashram Nimpith

The main motive of Sri Ramkrishna Ashram, Nimpith was to help people by solving generic problems, like poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, illness. Over time, Nimpith Ashram worked on almost every possible ...
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Sufal Bangla, a new fruits and Vegetable supply management chain

Sufal Bangla, a West Bengal Govt. Initiative

Very recently, we started the morning walk to keep us fit. One day around 7 AM, I saw a truck outside of Hedua Park, Kolkata selling vegetables. While asked they ...
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Victoria Memorial Museum Kolkata City Guide feature image 1

Victoria Memorial Museum | Kolkata City Guide

Victoria Memorial is one of the most popular historical places in Kolkata. It is also known for its large marble building. It also portrays most of the British era between ...
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Rishikhola, a place not for city lovers

Rishikhola, a place not for city lovers

Rishikhola is also known as Reshi Khola derived its name after Reshi River and Khola means a place on the bank of a river. This is one of the rarest ...
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Ravangla Buddha Park

Ravangla where peace is everything

If you are searching for a beautiful and calm place for your next holiday trip, here you got, Ravangla. It comes under Sikkim and getting popular day by day for ...
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Princep Ghat Feature Image

Princep Ghat, Most Beautiful Ghat of Kolkata

The Princep Ghat, probably the best place to offer mesmerizing ambiance in Kolkata, located right on the bank of Hooghly river. The monument was built by the citizen of Calcutta ...
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Rynox Optimus M Tankbag

Rynox Optimus M Tankbag Review

If you are a long-distance tourer on a motorcycle, you probably heard of Tankbag. They are awesome to carry your stuff on top of the fuel tank, no matter what ...
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Unforgettable Nainital Bike Trip Preparation

In Nainital Bike Trip Preparations, we made a rough plan to visit Agra, Nainital, Munsiyari, Kausani, Ranikhet, and Lucknow for 15 days. I know this is a bit long list ...
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Rynox Urban Riding Jacket Review

Today I will share my personal experience on Rynox Urban Riding Jacket. Before that let me share my thoughts in Riding Gears, are they worthy? We, riders love riding long ...
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Ladakh Trip Aurangabad to Kolkata Day 23

Ladakh Ride Day 23 – Finally Reached Kolkata

We woke up a little late around 6:30 AM and packed everything for the last time on this trip. Finally, this was our last stretch of epic Ladakh ride, Aurangabad ...
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Ladakh Ride Kanpur to Aurangabad Day 22

Ladakh Ride Day 22 – Kanpur to Aurangabad

It was time to wrap the whole trip, so we decided not to explore any place but straight to home in 2 days. Our home from Kanpur is exactly 1000 ...
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Agra - Lucknow Expressway in Delhi to Kanpur ride

Ladakh Ride Day 21 – Delhi to Kanpur

It was the time to bye Delhi, We had started around 7:30 AM. Delhi to Kanpur was around 530 Kilometers. Due to the busy traffic, we reached Yamuna Expressway a ...
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Singshore Bridge, Pelling Feature Image

Pelling; One Peaceful Place in West Sikkim

Pelling tour is very common for West Bengal people, it takes almost 4 to 5 days maximum and done, although a significant number of people come from different part of ...
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Puri Tour Guide Feature Image

Complete Puri Tour Guide (All You Must Know)

Puri is a popular city of Odisha state, famous for Sri Jagannath temple, and also as a beach destination of India. This is one of the most religious cities in ...
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Qutub Minar, Delhi

Ladakh Ride Day 20 – Delhi Sightseeing Time

It was our last day in Delhi. So, we planned for Delhi sightseeing, to explore a few well-known attractions like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jantar Mantar, and Ugrasen ki Baoli ...
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View from Nandi Hills

Bengaluru City | Guide | Silicon Valley of India

Bengaluru, commonly known as Silicon Valley of India, most popular among IT professionals. But it also holds a good medical infrastructure with ever pleasant weather. There are quite good places ...
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Comprehensive Visakhapatnam Tour Guide Feature Image

Comprehensive Visakhapatnam (Vizag) Tour Guide

Visakhapatnam also know as Vizag always fascinates me by its dynamic offering, this place got almost everything, hills, caves, temples, sea beaches, and some finger-licking foods. Very few places in ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 19 - Shopping for Motorcycle Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 19 – Shopping for Motorcycle

After a long, we slept so well that we woke up, around 9 AM, had some tea. It was time to shop for our motorcycle, initially, I thought to buy ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 18 - Pathankot to Delhi Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 18 – Pathankot to Delhi

We woke up a little late, around 7 AM, and freshened up quickly to be on-road as soon as possible. After a long time, we were about to ride in ...
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JKTDC, Banihal, Ladakh Ride Day 17 Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 17 – Banihal to Pathankot

Weather in Banihal was quite pleasant in the morning. We decided to start a little late and at best, we would stretch till Jalandhar on day 17 of our Ladakh ...
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Near Sonamarg, Ladakh Ride Day 16 Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 16 – Kargil to Banihal

It was around 5 AM, I woke up. Outside was really cold, maybe it rained last night. We already had planned to start early so quickly got ready. Around 7:30 ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 15 - Leh to Kargil Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 15 – Leh to Kargil

It was our last day in Leh, still Leh - Manali route was blocked due to heavy snowfall. We did not have any choice to stay back for a day ...
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Golden Temple, Amritsar Feature Image

Amritsar Tourism Guide (Feb 2020)

Amritsar is known for two things majorly, Wagah Border and Golden Temple. Even though there are few more Places like Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana Temple. All of this worth getting someone's ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 14 - Pangong Lake to Leh Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 14 – Pangong Lake to Leh

I woke up before 06:00 AM and went to the washroom. I saw frozen water everywhere except for the bucket. It was freezing cold outside and windy. I met Sarat ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 13 – Diskit to Pangong

I woke up early morning around 05:30 AM, it was a pin drop silence all around. We got hot water around 06:00 AM, quickly freshen up, and got ready to ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 12 At Last Khardung La Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 12 – Atlast Khardung La

As usual, I woke up early morning due to excitement to conquer the World’s Highest Motorable Road, Khardung La pass. It was a long dream for us. We packed the ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 11 Leh Sightseeing Part-2 Featured Image

Ladakh Ride Day 11 – More Leh Sightseeing

Waking up early morning, enjoying tea near the glass windows became part of my daily routine by now. Once done, I quickly got ready and left to get my motorcycle ...
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Panoromic View from Shanti Stupa, Leh Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 10 – Pampering our bike

As usual, I wake up early morning. The temperature was around 4-5 degrees and started looking through the glass windows. It stopped drizzling and surrounding looked so clean. Sitting behind ...
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View from Hotel Ladakh Heaven, Leh Featured Image

Ladakh Ride Day 9 – Miserable Day in Leh

It was freezing cold to sleep, I woke up around 07:00 AM and it was still drizzling like the last day. A mountain just appeared through the glass window, what ...
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Ladakh Ride Day - 8 Leh to Kargil Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 8 – Kargil to Leh

Kargil to Leh was around 225 KM and as per locals road was fantastic so, we decided to leave a little late. Although I woke up at 06:00 AM and ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 7 - Srinagar to Kargil Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 7 – Srinagar to Kargil

We woke up from a comfy blanket in freezing cold surroundings and that too in a Shikara at Dal Lake, is quite challenging. We had no choice left though. I ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 6 – Ramban to Srinagar

As usual, we woke up early in the morning. But that day we thought to start a little late and ride from Ramban to Srinagar, roughly around 150 KM and ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 5 - Amritsar to Ramban Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 5 – Amritsar to Ramban

We wake up early morning and packed the rest of the luggage, load onto the motorcycle, and cold started it. We paid the hotel bills and started around 08:00 AM ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 4 Exploring Amritsar, Wagah Border Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 4 – Exploring Amritsar

Amritsar is also known for the golden temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, and more. We already had plans to try paranthas & lassi along with exploring Amritsar. Due to the ...
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Ladakh Ride Day 3 - Agra to Amritsar Feature Image

Ladakh Ride Day 3 – Agra to Amritsar

We dismissed the alarm and started to get ready for a long riding day Agra to Amritsar. By 05:45 AM we almost loaded all our luggage and cold started the ...
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Ladakh Bike Ride Day 2 Varanasi to Agra

Ladakh Ride Day 2 – Varanasi to Agra

We woke up around 05:00 AM, freshen up and cold started our motorcycle. The initial plan was to stretch till Delhi for that day which was around 800+ KM. We ...
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Recommended Hotel Details

Recommended Hotel Details

P.S. Please search for the destination you are looking for, we update this list on a regular basis. We always share our original and unbiased feedback based on our stay ...
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Ladakh Bike Trip Day1

Ladakh Ride Day 1 – Kolkata to Varanasi

Finally, D-day had come i.e. 15th September 2018. All set to start our epic ride from Kolkata to Leh. We woke up around 03:30 AM, got ready, and cold started ...
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Nainital Bike Trip Introduction

Unforgettable Nainital Bike Trip: Introduction

Uttarakhand has many places to offer mesmerizing nature’s beauty and if you are with your dearest one, the experience will be unmatched. The daily hustle of our life always makes us ...
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Mandarmani in Makeover

Mandarmani, beautiful beach of Bengal

Mandarmani is famous for calm surroundings and different water sports also. One of the pleasant beaches in West Bengal. Once upon a time, we were allowed to take our own ...
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Ladakh Bike Trip Planned Itinerary & Final Check

Ladakh Bike Ride: Planned Itinerary and Final Check Before Start

Our initial Ladakh itinerary was as below which got changed due to weather and some unavoidable circumstances. Day 1: Allahabad (night halt) Day 2: Delhi (night halt) Day 3: Amritsar ...
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Digha Sea Beach

Digha, most popular Beach of West Bengal

Digha is one of the most famous sea beaches in West Bengal. It is approximately 190 KM from Kolkata and very well connected by road and train also. By your ...
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Basic Hotel Booking Tips feature image

Basic Hotel Booking Tips for Better Experience

We all book hotels for our trips, during booking we miss a couple of things to ask for. Later we always feel cheated. Below are our Hotel Booking Tips. Check ...
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Things to carry in Ladakh Trip

Things you must carry in Ladakh Trip

It is always advisable to travel with less luggage to avoid different issues. We should only have essentials in our bag but in high altitude mountains like Ladakh, we should ...
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Mobile Network Connectivity in Ladakh Trip

Which Mobile Network is best in Ladakh?

Disclaimer: This post "Which Mobile Network is best in Ladakh?" post is completely unbiased and based on my personal experience. I had Vodafone and Airtel postpaid sims & Jio prepaid ...
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Recommended Medicine for Trip

What Medicines to carry for a Trip?

We occasionally get confused about what medicines we should carry for a trip. Although, nothing is worse than having health issues middle of a trip. However, you should always keep ...
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Ladakh Ride Preparation

Ladakh Bike Ride: Preparations

Preparing yourself and your vehicle for high altitude mountains especially for Ladakh always feels harder through a good homework can easily overcome this hurdle. In this very article, we will ...
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Ladakh Bike Ride Introduction Rider Escaped

Why Leh Ladakh Bike Ride – Our Tale Begins

Being a Rider what could be the destination in mind which gives a thrill, Adrenalin rush and tons of memories for the rest of the life? Correct, Ladakh Bike Ride ...
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