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Ladakh Ride Day 15 – Leh to Kargil

Ladakh Ride Day 15 - Leh to Kargil Feature Image

It was our last day in Leh, still Leh – Manali route was blocked due to heavy snowfall. We did not have any choice to stay back for a day. So, we planned to cover Leh to Kargil on that day.

As usual, we woke up, sit behind the window with a cup of tea, soaking ourselves in the best possible view for the very last time on this trip. We packed all our luggage, paid the hotel bill, and went to meet our well-wisher, Mr. Kuldeep Sharma, and Mr. Raj Singh. With their blessing, we started from Leh around 10 AM.

It was painful to say goodbye but we had to. We were returning from the same Leh-Srinagar route. So, we will not bore you guys with the same things rather something we did not experience earlier.

Firstly, we spent some time in the Magnetic Hill spot, to see cars moving against gravity. It was fun, there were two shops to rent out ADVs and go further on the hills, although they have already marked the path. If you like adventure, you must try.

Instead of spending time in Lamayuru town, we spent some time a few kilometers before. It was a quiet surrounding, even passing vehicles were not honking. Local said mountains in this range are made of Multani mitti which is very good for the skin. Check out the below image, isn’t this place beautiful? Let me know in the comment box.

Then something happened which we had never experienced before. Suddenly it started to drizzle while climbing Fotu La top and very soon we saw snow on our windshield, yes snowfall. We were happy and scared at the same time because snow is something which can cause loose traction and we are not used to it. Although we had ridden on snow during Khardungla and Changla but come on, that was something we can see and this we could not predict where the little snow is. Somehow, we rode slowly and managed to cross the patch. It was a thrill.

Obviously, it was colder than the day we were going towards Leh. Roads were the same and we easily entered Kargil on time.

Note: Local people again collected Rs. 50 for entry to Kargil like last time. To be frank I doubt their authenticity.

I booked the same hotel Silk Route Inn, this time we bargained a bit and got the same room for Rs. 800. We met three bikers from Maharashtra, they were also staying in the same hotel and the next day they would leave for Leh. They had wasted 4-5 days in Manali due to the blockage. Somehow they managed to come this way.  

Due to almost offseason, they did not have Tata sky recharged, so they had to wait until they change the complete box.  

Cook was still not there so we went outside and had Chicken Roll in dinner. Our initial plan was to reach Drass but somehow we spent some more time on the way. Okay, no issues, you should never rush but enjoy the trip.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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