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Ladakh Bike Ride: Preparations

Ladakh Ride Preparation

Preparing yourself and your vehicle for high altitude mountains especially for Ladakh always feels harder through a good homework can easily overcome this hurdle. In this very article, we will discuss Ladakh Bike Ride Preparations.

How fit you should be for a Ladakh Trip:

In general, people who do cardio/exercise on a daily basis gets an added advantage but not always, I have seen few people facing breathing problem in Khardung La, Chang La even in Leh city. Try to control food habits during the trip, drink a lot of waters, consume ORS, don’t skip meals. 1-2 month/s before the trip, try to walk for 30 mins regularly at a moderate pace. Keep car window open all the time to acclimatize better.

Consult with a doctor and revise your medical history, seek suggestion for high altitude medicines and get yourself portable oxygen can which could be a lifesaver in an emergency. Be confident and trust me everything will be fine.

Should I purchase a new vehicle?

Your old vehicle could take you to Ladakh pretty effortlessly and comeback home depending on how well you have maintained. Additionally, a well serviced and thoroughly checked vehicles can give you a lot of confidence. Motorcycle service and inspection tips are below (We recommend to replace parts not repair except cosmetics parts)

  1. Firstly, Check Clutch & Accelerator cable, change if needed. Take the old as spares.
  2. Look for Headlight throw, indicators and horn, rectify as needed.
  3. Check front fork oil leakage, steering column play.
  4. Front brake pad, rear brake pad needs to be replaced and keep the existing as spares.
  5. Inspect the Spark plug, Spark plug cap, and battery.
  6. Check Clutch plates, Swing arm bush, chain sprocket sets and other wheel bushes & bearings.
  7. Verify wheel alignment, if there is a bend get it trued. Tires with less thread need to be changed and used for at least 100 KM before the trip.
  8. All electrical, fuses and switches need to be checked.
  9. Radiator & coolant for oil cooled bikes.
  10. If you use Auxiliary lights get that aligned properly.
  11. Change Engine oil, oil filter & air filter.

Most importantly, go through all the past problems on your vehicle and get all of them solved. This effort will ensure a comfortable and worry-free ride.

Spares one should carry:

  • Brake pads.
  • Clutch switch.
  • Clutch cable.
  • Accelerator cable.
  • Spark plug.
  • Chain link (O ring).
  • Headlight bulb (optional).
  • OEM provided Toolkit.
  • Puncture kit (for tube type tire spare tube).
  • Tire infiltrator.
  • Generally used wrenches for your motorcycle.
  • Spare engine oil for the top-up.
  • Chain lube.
  • Cable ties.
  • Steel wire.
  • Tire/tube valve pin.

One should learn below mechanical job to start your motorcycle in case of breakdown:

  • Wheel and tire removal.
  • Clutch cable, Clutch switch and Accelerator cable change.
  • Brake pads change.
  • Cleaning and changing the spark plug.
  • Fuse change.
  • Chain lube and adjustment.
  • Engine oil and coolant top-up.

Similarly, if you driving your car, this kind of treatment should be sufficient.

Eventually, Being a remote place, visiting Ladakh needs lots of preparations, be it mentally, physically. Do check out below links to make this trip successful, we are sure you will never regret. 

The posts are for both riders and non-riders, hope these make your trip successful and memorable, get Leh’d soon.

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