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Ladakh Ride Day 21 – Delhi to Kanpur

Agra - Lucknow Expressway in Delhi to Kanpur ride

It was the time to bye Delhi, We had started around 7:30 AM. Delhi to Kanpur was around 530 Kilometers. Due to the busy traffic, we reached Yamuna Expressway a little late. Although it was around 9 AM, smog covered all around. Riding on expressway sometimes feel fatigued and this day was no exception. We paid Rs 205 as a toll tax for our motorcycle and continue on the eight-lane expressway.

We stopped at a Subway around 9:45 AM to have breakfast, we ordered some non-veg burger and cold drinks. In Yamuna Expressway, food stations were not frequent, approx a 50-60 kilometers gap in between. So, if you want refreshment or fuel up, do it whenever you get it. It was a bright sunny day and in the concrete tarmac, we got fatigued every hour, so we were taking a break very frequently.

While taking breaks, we sprinkled water on the face and waited for 5-10 minutes to overcome the tiredness.

Somehow, dodging the boringness, we managed to reach outskirt of Agra and now it was time for Agra-Lucknow expressway, the smoothest expressway in India as of now. After crossing a few kilometers, we started to feel fatigued again but not like Yamuna Expressway, due to its concrete tarmac, we felt more sleepy and fatigue there. Paid Rs. 220 toll tax till Kanpur exit.

This elevated and access-controlled expressway lacks food stations and petrol pumps as of now. We were covering distances very fast, you won’t believe the quality of the roads until you ride there. After 100 Kilometers, we saw canteen kind of place, food price, as well as taste, was average. We spent half an hour to get relaxed and refueled the tank.

Horrible NH-34

It was around 200 kilometers to Kanpur and this expressway would end for us in 140 kilometers. We finished the expressway within 1 hour and 45 minutes. Now it was NH-34.

We anticipated, NH-34 will be good like any other National Highway. But to our surprise, it was a single lane highway, and to be honest this stretch was the most pathetic in Delhi to Kanpur section. Maybe we were complaining throughout the day about boring expressway, that’s why God gifted us this horrible road.

It was dangerous in places, roads were filled with largely sized potholes and cow chips. We could have enjoyed the road in daylight but in dark, we chose to cross this place as early as possible.

We struggled a bit to get a budget hotel in Kanpur, so we decided to search near the station area, found Hotel Atithi Galaxy, and navigated therethrough a few congested areas. Budget AC rooms were quite small but clean. I tried to book through Goibibo, but they refused to give a clean room in online booking so we spot booked for Rs 1000, the motorcycle was parked outside. Definitely, I would never recommend this hotel to anyone, but if you don’t have any other option and want to have clean rooms you may check-in.

They do not have four-wheeler parking but two-wheeler can be parked in front. Food quality was average. What I felt strange was, their behavior, somewhat rude and service people always looked for tips.

It was time to do regular chores, put everything on the charge, set an alarm for the next day, downloading maps. Finally, at the end of Delhi to Kanpur ride, we crashed into bed.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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