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Ladakh Ride Day 23 – Finally Reached Kolkata

Ladakh Trip Aurangabad to Kolkata Day 23

We woke up a little late around 6:30 AM and packed everything for the last time on this trip. Finally, this was our last stretch of epic Ladakh ride, Aurangabad to Kolkata. We got a little bit delayed due to payment but it was okay. Quickly mounted all the luggage in motorcycle and cold started it.

We enquired about “Litti-Chokha”, a special dish of Bihar although it is not fancy to see neither rare to get in different states. The famous shop was around 15 kilometers from our hotel so we decided to skip this time.

Roads in Bihar is good for the ride, almost smooth tarmac throughout the state. But the major problem was dodging vehicles coming in the wrong lane, sometimes we can see way ahead, sometimes it became a close call. We cannot change peoples so we have to make a safe move, riding consciously.

We stopped at Swakala toll plaza to have some food. After having puri sabji and tea we started again. I always feel more fatigue in the last 2-3 days of a trip, so we decided to cover as many kilometers as possible.

Beware of Morons!

We were maintaining steady speeds and very soon we entered Jharkhand. People generally say, beware of truck drivers but I always say beware of four-wheelers although everyone is not a reckless driver. But few are there to put you in an awkward situation.

In a broken patch section, we were moving at 30-40 KmPH speeds due to traffic and a car of Jharkhand (Maruti Ciaz) started honking. I always give side to anyone, asking for aside. But this time there are trucks in front and the driver of that car continued honking for more than 5 minutes. Once I get the required space, I gave them side but those guys crossed us very closely and abusing.

I was about to get tempered but somehow I managed to stay cool and that car speeded like hell and disappeared almost immediately. This kind of driver can be dangerous for you, BEWARE OF THEM!

We decided to get some rest and have a cold drink, so we stopped at a restaurant kind of a place. I spent almost 30 minutes having ice cream and cold drinks. We really needed it. We saw few more rash drivers on the way later but those maintained a good distance while overtaking. It was mid of day so we stopped multiple times before entering West Bengal.

In between, we stopped for almost everything, water, snacks, relaxation, refuel, etc. Literally, we were begging to stop after every 40-50 kilometers in between Aurangabad to Kolkata.

Finally entered West Bengal

Approx 2 PM after entering West Bengal, we stopped at a shop to buy cold water. Guess what! We asked him in Hindi, in three weeks we got so used to speaking Hindi everywhere. Our home was still more than 200 kilometers far, Now it was time to bear the pain and reach home. The road was butter smooth as usual so reaching home was easy.

After a long time, we faced city traffic of Kolkata for almost 5 kilometers. Filtering traffic with the loaded motorcycle was a bit problem, we all have to face the opposite side of the coin. We safely reached home around 7 PM, completing Aurangabad to Kolkata ride and yes, we informed Mr. Raj Singh and Mr. Kuldeep Sharma.

It was the biggest ride (6500+ KM) as of now and definitely gave me a bunch of experience, met almost every kind of people, and lastly soaked ourselves in the beautiful nature of Jammu & Kashmir. I will post a few tips and tricks for a long tour shortly.

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