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Ladakh Ride Day 6 – Ramban to Srinagar

As usual, we woke up early in the morning. But that day we thought to start a little late and ride from Ramban to Srinagar, roughly around 150 KM and we were not feeling well. At 8 AM, we started packing all our luggage. Then cold started the motorcycle and lubed the chain. It was quite dusty out there. Finally, around 08:45 AM we started from Ramban.

Few patches were under construction. We were happy while crossing curvy roads with the Chenab river and a lot of greenery. After an hour we stopped for a tea break. While having tea, we talked with some locals, their behavior was mixed. One treated was badly but the other two people were kind enough to discuss our plans, they even invited us to go to their village nearby. But we had to rush because of road construction and occasional traffic congestion till Jawahar Tunnel.

It was distance cover time, so we decided to stretch till Jawahar Tunnel. Because of the motorcycle, we had a very good advantage of filtering through traffic congestion. After Banihal traffic was less. But before the Jawahar Tunnel, it was really long congestion, this time we did not filter because of narrow roads and waited for our turn. Jawahar tunnel truly deserves the fame it got over time due to multiple reasons. Passed a few kilometers and we saw a board, Titanic View Point. We stopped and thought of having snacks, truly the most scenic spot in between Ramban to Srinagar.

From Titanic View Point, we saw the Kashmir valley, locals say, “The first view of Kashmir Valley”. We were clicking a lot of photos and made a video call to our family. Food was okay, but nature and its landscape were compensating it. We met two bikers from Karnataka and Kerala, shared our plans with each other. This is Brotherhood, we all share during road trips.

It was decent from there until we reach a fantastic highway leads to Srinagar. It was the middle of valleys so the road was butter smooth and almost straight. We were maintaining good speeds. Somewhere between we stopped for a break while talking with them, we literally felt unsafe. We quickly ended the conversation and started to ride again. This time, I was scared a little bit!

We reached Srinagar, near Dal lake around 02:30 PM, we had the dream to stay in a Shikara. Some agents came to us for Shikara stay, I went with them and found one in around Rs. 1400/-. We took all our luggage to a boat parked our motorcycle in nearby parking for Rs. 100 (overnight).

Later around 05:30 PM, we took our bike to roam places, we were riding alongside Dal lake. It was looking nice during sunset. Finally, we had our lunch in a Mughlai restaurant, Kareem’s Kebab House, parked our bike. I called the Shikara person to take us from Shikara stand. Our room was very cold during the night, they provided two Kashmiri blanket, it was like freezing outside.

Kashmir has splendid beauty that attracts people around the world, at the same time it is a very controversial topic too. We met some very good people, some violence speaking people and some advantage-seeker people. Be careful about what you do and what you say here. Forget people, soak yourself into natures and you will feel more than accomplished.

You may also like to check our Ramban to Srinagar Ride video below. This our first series of Moto-Vlog videos. Share your feedback to improve us.

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