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Ladakh Ride Day 3 – Agra to Amritsar

Ladakh Ride Day 3 - Agra to Amritsar Feature Image

We dismissed the alarm and started to get ready for a long riding day Agra to Amritsar. By 05:45 AM we almost loaded all our luggage and cold started the motorcycle.

Finally, after settling down our bills we started by 06:00 AM, and by the sun came up, it was a pleasing morning. Few kilometers later I heard some metallic sound from my motorcycle and to be very frank I was enjoying the surrounding so I ignored.

We were about to enter Yamuna Expressway in 2-3 Kilometres and that metallic sound got louder. Suddenly, one guy from another vehicle shouted at us, saying “Silencer”. We stopped and found our exhaust (silencer pipe) is almost lying on the road. And the metallic sound, I heard it was coming from the pipe itself when it rubbed with the road.

As around 06:30 AM, I literally felt helpless. I quickly search for the nearest Royal Enfield service center and got a few within 8-15 KMs. We decided to go to the nearest service center in Valdev Nagar. We were slowly moving so that the exhaust pipe will not come out but we missed a turn on NH and found to be on narrow lanes.

Finally, in a big hump, the pipe came off. It was one of the worst things that happen to me. We poured some water so that it gets cold. I asked my wife to sit on the back seat holding the pipe. It was around a kilometer but passes through schools, my bike was roaring like crazy, everyone was looking to us.

We came to the service center around 08:15 AM and the security guard told us to wait till 09:00 AM.

RE TB 350 Exhaust Ripped off at Agra
RE TB 350 Exhaust Ripped off at Agra

While waiting we conveyed this incident to our parents, had some tea. After the longest 45 minutes ever, two service center guys came to me and asked what happened. I explained everything and out of curiosity enquired them about new exhaust price. It costs around 5K, they told me. Oh my god !! I started thinking about alternatives, probably aftermarket cheap ones.

They took my vehicle inside and politely asked us to wait in the customer lounge. In around 15 minutes my motorcycle was fixed, it costs two bolts. They also checked each and every nuts & bolt and lubed the chain, all this for Rs. 100 only. I would have changed the pipe itself but they guided me properly and also ensured everything is fixed, this is called a genuine attitude.

Again we loaded all the luggage and started to cover up for Amritsar, entered in Yamuna Expressway. I was pretty much excited to ride this expressway but we were losing our energy rapidly due to the empty expressway, concrete roads (looks greyish after a time), and extreme heat. We halted in the cafeteria and ordered Tea.

Entering Yamuna Expresswass
Entering Yamuna Expresswass

Trust me, riding this expressway was boring to me, cruising at 90 KMPH, roads were almost empty, few cars overtook us at high speeds. We were stopping after 50 KMs to take 5-15 minutes break. Once we cross Yamuna Expressway and entered greater Noida expressway, the scenario got changed. Other vehicles were changing lanes to filter the traffic but it was quite manageable. We passed Akshardham temple, it was looking very nice from the flyover.

After Rajiv Nagar, we got a lot of diversions and patchy roads. We were very tired by then and I was thinking to take a night’s halt near Ambala. I was feeling sleepy, every 40-50 KMs I used to stop and freshen up with cold water and again start. I was finding excuses to stop for a break. After crossing Ambala we stopped at a Tea shop and spent almost 30 minutes there to gain some energy back. It was around 05:30 – 06:00 PM and sunset started.

Roads were very good with some small potholes. In Ludhiana, we faced traffic congestion and it slowed down our pace a bit. It was completely dark, now we are not enjoying surroundings rather chasing Kilometres to reach Amritsar. Around 09:00 PM we stopped at McDonald’s near Jalandhar and searched some hotels in Amritsar.

We had our dinner and freshen up. There was a hotel nearby, my mind was saying stay here, do not stretch further. But we followed our hearts and started. We were maintaining low speeds due to the road and our tiredness. Last 60-65 KMs before Amritsar was toughest between Agra to Amritsar ride, roads were almost empty, visor getting fogged, cold surrounding, and whatnot.

Entering Amritsar
Entering Amritsar

Somehow we managed to reach Amritsar around 11:45 PM and spot booked Hotel Mercury Inn. This AC room was a bit small but very clean so as the washroom. We got a shared balcony as well. We parked our motorcycle just in front of the hotel. And yes, we can see the Golden Temple premises from the balcony (< 5-minute walk to the main gate).

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