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Ladakh Ride Day 19 – Shopping for Motorcycle

Ladakh Ride Day 19 - Shopping for Motorcycle Feature Image

After a long, we slept so well that we woke up, around 9 AM, had some tea. It was time to shop for our motorcycle, initially, I thought to buy a windshield, digital console bracket which was broke in Leh and a pair of LED lights. From the last few months, I was following Royal Bullet Accessories World youtube channel and thought to visit their shop at Karol Bagh, Delhi.

This shop was really good for Royal Enfield lovers, at least products were way cheaper than Kolkata, not sure about neighbor stores. I got a pair of LED lights and a free electrical Switch, they installed it on leg guard. Only one thing I don’t like was, they fitted the lights by drilling into crash guards instead they could have used clamps/brackets/mounts. Drilling crash guard might loosen the strength of it. Somehow, I had already purchased the product and they made a hole in one side, so I did not stop them.

I asked about the windshield, they had the big ones but I need a specific size obviously smaller than they had. I just went to see Chopra Automobiles, Delhi. Yes, this small store is famous for having dealership of almost every popular brand out there and all this at a very competitive price. They did not have the required windshield size, I was looking for.

I bought myself a spare tube for the rear wheel if you don’t know why checkout Pangong to Leh post. Although I felt they overcharged me, the same tube cost cheaper in Kolkata. I was roaming for my motorcycle’s windshield, it always provides good protection against the wind while riding at speeds, less wind means less fatigue which results in a continuous ride for long.

I found a shop, it was not there in stock but they asked about its shape and size so I described what actually I need. Within 10 minutes they got one, I had thought of doing a bargain but after hearing the price I can’t. Rs, 500, and fitting Rs 150, in Kolkata I bought it for Rs. 850 + Rs. 150 fitting. It was a good deal, at least to me.

I enquired about the digital meter bracket, everyone was saying not available separately. As a final resort, I went to the nearby Royal Enfield Service Center, the service manager was very nice. He tried to get the bracket replaced, but no luck. He asked one mechanic to glue it, by god that glue can fix anything. I came back to Kolkata from Delhi, crossing very bad roads in some part, to date nothing happened.

We went for lunch to a nearby restaurant, Ghamandi Restra, ambience-wise it was great, but tastes little different, biriyani was good. After that, we rested for some time.

We heard a lot about Connaught Place, so we decided to go there. Traffic in Delhi was comparatively more but manageable, traffic signals were a bit confusing in places. Connaught Place is circular in shape and all well-known brands have their store there. We parked our motorcycle in Palika parking. Roamed the complete circular way, there are many stalls selling ornaments, books, soft drinks, etc.

One thing I liked the most is the India flag at the center. It hosted with pride, felt great to see. While returning we visited India Gate, it was well lighted and due to late evening rush was less. So, we parked the motorcycle nearby to an ice-cream seller and walked towards the gate. One of the best things I have ever seen, in the morning also this gate looks majestic thoughts beautiful lights will not be there.

While returning we had our dinner and came back to the hotel. We talked to our parents, watched some movies and went to sleep. The next day, we had plans to explore the attraction in Delhi.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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