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What Medicines to carry for a Trip?

Recommended Medicine for Trip

We occasionally get confused about what medicines we should carry for a trip. Although, nothing is worse than having health issues middle of a trip. However, you should always keep below recommended medicines for any trip.

  • Fever (Paracetamol like P650, Crocin, etc.).
  • Cough & cold (like D-Cold, Cetzine, etc.).
  • Body pain (Paracetamol like P650).
  • Headache (like Aspirin, Disprin, etc.).
  • Upset stomach (like Darolac).
  • Acidity (like Pan D, Aciloc RD, etc.).
  • Vomiting (like Ondem).
  • Bandage.
  • Waterproof Band-Aid.
  • Antiseptic cream (like Boroline) and liquid Betadine ointment.
  • Portable Oxygen Cylinder.
  • AMS related medicine (like Coca 6, Coca 30 Diamox, etc.).

We always recommend consulting with your doctor. Especially, before using any AMS or high altitude sickness-related medicines and oxygen. Diamox is not advisable in case you are allergic to sulfur. You should also check out about AMS or High Altitude Sickness and how to deal with it.

Important Notice: We are not medical practitioners. The above recommendations are based on what we usually carry during a trip.

Lastly, don’t forget to carry any other regular medicines prescribed by your doctor. During the trip, if you feel ill or uncomfortable, visit your nearest health center immediately.

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