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Ladakh Ride Day 8 – Kargil to Leh

Ladakh Ride Day - 8 Leh to Kargil Feature Image

Kargil to Leh was around 225 KM and as per locals road was fantastic so, we decided to leave a little late. Although I woke up at 06:00 AM and went to the roof, it was very cold and the view I saw, was really worth the shivering. After spending a good time, I came down to get ready. We packed all the luggage, paid the bill, and started to mount everything on the motorcycle. Our chain was dry so I lubed it.

Around 08:30 AM we left for Leh. We were riding relaxed, no rush for the day. We stopped at Mulbekh Chamba (Temple of goddess Chamba) after 40 KM approximately. Here we had breakfast, noodles, omelets, and tea. Again we met two fellow riders from West Bengal. Other tourists were asking a lot of questions to us, we were feeling more than happy to answer them.

Near Mulbek, Ladakh

After spending almost an hour, we again saddled for the Leh. Roads started to climb again and time for Namika La, an infamous Pass at an altitude of 3,700 m or 12,139 ft) more than mighty Zoji La. A great road made this high altitude pass a piece of cake for travelers. We stopped for some time to click pictures and feel the cool breeze. Although we dressed heavily (Thermal innerwear, t-shirt, Riding Jacket with thermal liner and jeans) so did not feel that cold except in palms and face. Each and every car driver and rider were waving to us, this literally means a lot to motivate.

Suddenly, it started to drizzle lightly, so we thought of going down to avoid this. But it was the same till Leh, somewhere it stopped, somewhere it speeded up. On our journey, we crossed one more pass, the highest pass on the Srinagar – Leh highway, Fotu La, at an elevation of 4,108 meters or 13,478 ft. Roads were again very good as Namika La pass. I have realized due to terrain and landslides Zoji La pass seems to have bad roads and also listed in most of the dangerous road articles & youtube videos.

While descending Lamayuru (the Moonland of Ladakh) was looking really beautiful. Every turn brought an awesome scenery. Ladakh is a cold desert and you will feel it more after crossing Mulbek towards Leh. We had our lunch in a restaurant, just outside of The Lamayuru Monastery. Food tastes good and for the first time, I had biriyani with multi-colored rice, very different but tasty I must say.

Again it started drizzling, so we left Lamayuru and move ahead, stopped at multiple places to take pictures of beautiful surroundings.

Sun started to set down, so we were rushing to reach Leh. It was cold and drizzling what made the wind so freezing. I was not wearing any gloves, although I had waterproof gloves but not break-in properly so I had issues. Once we reach near the magnetic hill, the road becomes smoother and almost straight. It was a delight to ride on dark pitched tarmac middle of nowhere.

Straight Tarmac Before Entering Magnetic Hill
Straight Tarmac Before Entering Magnetic Hill

We stopped near the famous magnetic hill signboard, waited for more than 15 minutes, and finally, a car came and stopped in the marked spot.It was really moving against the slop, we witnessed really witnessed one of the most illusion phenomena in the world. Never miss this to witness.

By the time we reach Leh entry gate, my hands were completely numb, we paid Rs. 20 for entry fees. Those guys were kind enough to offer us hot tea and sit next to a bonfire. It was a life-saving moment for both of us. After some time we thanked them and move ahead towards the town.

We did not have booked any hotel, so we faced some problem here as many hotels were closed by then. Luckily around 07:00 PM, we got a very neat room at Hotel Ladakh Heaven for a good price. We unloaded all the luggage, freshened up, and had a very tasty dinner. Our motorcycle was parked outside in the open area.

It was still raining a lot and as per locals, snowfall was happening in many regions. We had planned to get permits the next day for Khardung La, Pangong Lake, and Tso Moriri side. Finally, we went to sleep without an alarm. Oh, such a cozy room, it was!!! At night the temperature dropped to zero degrees.

You may also like to check our Kargil to Leh Ride video below. This our first series of Moto-Vlog videos. Share your feedback to improve us.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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