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Ladakh Ride Day 12 – Atlast Khardung La

Ladakh Ride Day 12 At Last Khardung La Feature Image

As usual, I woke up early morning due to excitement to conquer the World’s Highest Motorable Road, Khardung La pass. It was a long dream for us. We packed the required items needed for the next three days, this helped us a lot to cut weight. We kept the rest of the luggage in the hotel as we planned to return Leh. It was very cold outside, we dressed as much as possible to resist cold.

The temperature was so cold outside that water on top of the motorcycle seat was frozen. We bid adieu two families we met last Sunday and with their blessings we started.

Frozen water on a motorcycle seat, Leh
Frozen water on a motorcycle seat, Leh

Passing Leh DC Office, we entered Khardung La road, within 10 minutes the landscape started changing. We witnessed snow aside from the road. Beauty was becoming a wonder. The road towards Khardungla was great in most sections.

Once we reach South Pullu check-post, we had to submit a photocopy of the permit, vehicle registration number. The snow was everywhere, everyone was clicking pictures friends and family. Few of them sought permission to click some pictures with our motorcycle, even some people clicked with us. This is something everyone loves to get praised.

After spending more than 30 minutes, we started to climb towards the mighty Khardung La Pass. We were off to broken tarmac, just 12 KM before the top, the road was filled with mud from melting snow. The road becomes narrower and in some places, we had to stop to give a pass to opposite vehicles and one foot away from the edge. Being a short guy, I was scared of getting slipped in the snow. It was a game to struggle and being calm & patient. Each kilometer we crossed, felt a lot more. Our focus was only on the road, so we missed some heavenly beauty.

Almost 45 minutes later, dodging all the hurdles, we reached the top. Yes, we conquered “The World’s Highest Motorable Road”, mighty Khardung La. There are a lot of debates and proof that it is not the highest. We don’t care, this is the place every adventure seeker knew, for being the highest motorable road for decades. Even Umling La, the current highest motorable pass is not that famous, even getting permission to ride/drive is also a big challenge.

For us, it was one of the most satisfying moment to see the glamorous board and snow-capped top.

We spent a good time there, tried to capture our photo with the famous words but due to rush, did not get as we wished. It was the time to move ahead, suddenly.

I noticed an error action camera while I started recording. Quickly troubleshoot and shocked, all the footages of bad roads and reaching Khardungla Top was not there and the card was inaccessible. We left no choice but to format the card. This time we started recording and started to descent, almost similar kind of off-road we got again and this time we captured most of them. Few kilometers later, we got pitched black road alongside snow, so soothing scenery it was. Finally, we reached North Pullu, the cold was bearable here. We ordered our food, noodles, coffee, tea, and Kawa.

While having food we met three guys from Delhi (Dhruv, Angad, Sahil). They were also going towards Diskit. We decided to ride together till there. The remaining roads were too good and we were maintaining good speeds. Stopped at few places to have tea, click pictures, or just enjoy nature.

Finally, around 05:00 PM we reached Diskit and straight towards the Diskit monastery, we did not want to miss that place. It was a mesmerizing experience to meet school kids there and also surrounding in a complete 360-degree view. Once done.

We rushed to find a hotel as it was getting dark, got a room for Rs. 1000/- in Hotel Olthang. Only BSNL had a network, so we had to rely on wifi. We did inform our families on WhatsApp.  

Completed our dinner at around 08:30 PM, the food was very good. We put everything on charge as electricity was available till 11:00 PM. Set an alarm for the next day and went to sleep.

A day spent very well……..

You may also like to check our Khardung La Ride video below. This our first series of Moto-Vlog videos. Share your feedback to improve us.

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Being a remote place, a lot of preparation needed before Leh Ladakh Tour, be it mentally or physically. Don’t forget the weather in the Ladakh region is extreme and most of us are not accustomed to it.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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