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Ladakh Ride Day 10 – Pampering our bike

Panoromic View from Shanti Stupa, Leh Feature Image

As usual, I wake up early morning. The temperature was around 4-5 degrees and started looking through the glass windows. It stopped drizzling and surrounding looked so clean. Sitting behind the window, having a cup of tea, capturing the enormous number of pictures took more than an hour. Our main plan was pampering our motorcycle as it outstood the last 3000 Kilometers very well.

That was the second day for us in Leh, we had to go out to inquire about the permit. Roads towards Khardung La pass, Pangong, and Manali were closed. It was a scare to us whether we would explore Ladakh this time or not. I directly went to the Leh DC office for permits, due to road closure they were not giving permits to anyone. But there was a chance to get on the next day, so I went to the Royal Enfield service center to tighten the front disc brake. They just pumped out air from the oil and charged nothing. Thanks. Though discussing Royal Enfield Service in the different parts of India is itself a topic but in general, they are always kind while we are on tour.

I came back to the hotel, took engine oil, air & oil filter, and visited Tashi Bullet Workshop again for pampering our motorcycle. The gentleman took all the items and started servicing the motorcycle. He barely took 45 minutes to complete the service without a wash. In Leh, one has to pay an additional amount to wash the bike and that day pump was not working. He also confirmed that my front brake pad almost finished. I had one with me as spare so I decided to put it in the hotel myself.

We were chit-chatting for more than an hour. While I moving out I noticed the digital console was also broken on the right side. Surely, caused by the fall last day. The trickiest part is, this plastic body mount is not available to purchase separately, one has to buy the complete digital console worth 6.5K. That guy used some steel wire and assured me that this will not break anymore. He charged me Rs. 400 for everything.

I had already confirmed my wife to get ready so that we can go to Leh Sightseeing. Once I came back, freshen up, and started for sightseeing some of the local places. At first, we went to the Moti market to have something for lunch. We did not get any decent place, either they were overpriced or not just what we want. So we headed towards Leh War memorial, spent time in glorious memorial, had food in the cafeteria. I admit the price was on the higher side than usual but tastes very good.

Once done, I took a shortcut towards Shanti Stupa. we started to climb again. Approximately, 200 meters patch, before the parking area, was under construction. This time we had to walk rather riding to the top. Initially, my partner decided not to continue anymore but once she saw surroundings she could not resist herself from climbing to the Stupa. OMG! It is like, we are sitting at the top of the world. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I ever been to. Check out below

While returning we visited Zorawar fort, many tourists skip this place. My front brake was giving some trouble, so I took my kit and replaced the brake pads. Rest of the day passes by, sitting behind the window. We had Roti and some veg dishes at dinner, again went to sleep, complete goodness.

Old Map in Zorawar Fort, Leh
Old Map in Zorawar Fort, Leh

It is important to take rest in high altitude area for proper acclimatization, otherwise, some issues may arise, like tiredness, nausea, headache, and breathlessness. We have seen many people not following this, facing issues. One should enjoy their trip, explore all heavenly places, and not suffer any health issues.

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Being a remote place, a lot of preparation needed before Leh Ladakh Tour, be it mentally or physically. Don’t forget the weather in the Ladakh region is extreme and most of us are not accustomed to it. So, acclimatize well before you start exploring.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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