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Ladakh Ride Day 22 – Kanpur to Aurangabad

Ladakh Ride Kanpur to Aurangabad Day 22

It was time to wrap the whole trip, so we decided not to explore any place but straight to home in 2 days. Our home from Kanpur is exactly 1000 kilometers, so we divided 500 kilometers a day. We woke up early in the morning which always help to cover a huge distance in daylight and end up done Kanpur to Aurangabad.

We paid the hotel bill and cold started the motorcycle. As we came close to the end of the trip, mounting all the luggage on the motorcycle every day became the most boring part of the day. Somehow, we tied everything properly, started the navigation towards the highway. Exiting Kanpur around 07:00 AM was not a challenge but few patches were under construction that slowed us a bit. In some time, we hop onto NH, it was time to have tea and boost ourselves.

We stopped at a shop, had tea, the shop owner was curious to ask about our trip. Once done, we started to ride at full pace. Being on a RE Thunderbird 350, we were cruising at 80-90 KMPH. I always believe a good rider never speed like hell, being safe on-road ensures better handling in critical situations. It is okay to speed up while overtaking or to reduce the boredom but keep in mind safety is the first priority.

As usual, we started to feel fatigued in the almost empty national highway, we stopped at a lot of places to relax ourself. Before entering the Allahabad expressway, we refueled our motorcycle. Our body was seeking proper rest and we were pushing to its limit. We had lunch at a Dhaba in expressway, the taste was good but different.

Riding at a constant speed of 85 KmPH helped us a lot to cover good distances, We stopped at Handia to have cold water, and meanwhile, I asked a nearby mechanic to tighten few nuts of my motorcycle. I did not want to face any problem due to loose nuts & bolts.

Reaching Varanasi was a bit difficult on the under-construction road and bumper to bumper traffic. I hope, this construction will be done shortly which will reduce the travel time in between. Once we reached Varanasi around 3 PM, we suddenly recalled the road condition waiting for us. More diversions and bad patches in between. Sudden small bad patch in a buttery smooth road is always dangerous because you have to be more cautious. Although we had an idea of the condition so we covered the distance very consciously.

Sunset near Sasaram was amazing to boost us for another 50 kilometers till the destination of the day.

We managed to enter Aurangabad around 6:15 PM and booked an AC room in hotel Maa Mundeswari, this hotel has a very good parking area and the adjacent restaurant is good too. Although there were few faults in the room like one water tap was not working, most of the TV channels were off, etc, maybe because of bargaining they allotted a faulty room to us but manageable.

It was sufficient for us so we did not complain much instead completed our dinner early so that we could get a good time to relax. This was our second time in Aurangabad, we observed hotel price is more in Aurangabad compared to some popular tourist places in the country.

We were about to reach home after a long trip the next day, so set an alarm a little bit early, put everything on charge and went to sleep.

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Lastly, get Leh’ed soon.

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