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Rynox Urban Riding Jacket Review

Today I will share my personal experience on Rynox Urban Riding Jacket. Before that let me share my thoughts in Riding Gears, are they worthy?

We, riders love riding long distances on our motorcycle, we spent a lot on our motorcycles. Firstly, we select the best motorcycle we can afford based on our taste, then we equip a lot of peripherals like aux light, mobile charger, saddle rack, etc. to make that motorcycle more comfortable according to our taste. But we always lack on protecting riding gears. For those who read this term for the first time in life, riding gears means helmet, a protective jacket, pants, boots, gloves, etc.

We always use helmets during our trip for safety then why not other protective gear. These are equally important for a ride. Few people say,

“We are experienced rider, never met with an accident”

But who can see the future? It is always better to protect yourself as much as possible during the ride. If you can not afford right now, start saving to purchase at the earliest. Although I do not have a riding boot and pants right now. I will purchase definitely buy in some time.

I started a long ride from 2015 and in 2017 I have purchased myself a riding jacket. During these 2 years, I met with 2-3 accidents, luckily either it was helmet or bike which took the impact and saved me. Finally, in October 2017, I decided to purchase a pair of a jacket for me and my wife.

This review is on Rynox Urban Riding Jacket and after using it for 1.5 years.


The first thing I would always prefer is comfort, no matter how much protective it is, you will never going to wear if it is uncomfortable. With all armors, it is a little heavy, but once you are habituated, you will never feel the weight. There are two buckles near the arm & elbow area and two in waist area to adjust as per your comforting. For further adjustment, a zip and velcro strap provided in the cuff area. There is perforated & smooth material inside which feels very comfortable. Being a mesh jacket it ensures maximized airflow. You get two zipped pockets on either side and inside one waterproof zipped pocket which outperformed p in heavy rain.


This jacket comes with two extra liners, rain protector and thermal inner. Both of the liners can be attached with a zip and two small buckles in the cuff area. Both of these worked great but rain protector might sip in during heavy rain.

Safety Armors:

This Jacket is made of 600D polyester which can resist a huge impact before it wears out in case of an accident. It comes with Knox flexifoam CE level 1 armor for elbow & shoulder and a foam kind of back protector. All these armors are removable and washable even upgradable to the higher level protector.

Protectors, Rynox Urban Riding Jacket
Top Left: Elbow Protector, Top Right: Shoulder Protector, Bottom: Back Protector

Rynox Urban Riding Jacket, 5 Pros:

  1. This jacket is very comfortable in this price bracket.
  2. There are multiple ways to adjust according to your fit.
  3. The zipper feels smooth even after 1.5 years of usage.
  4. Those who want to use it with a riding pant, there is a zipper to attach that too.
  5. Liners served their purpose well, although I always prefer to have an exterior rain protector.

Rynox Urban Riding Jacket, 4 Cons:

  1. Level 2 armor could have been better to shred out some more weight.
  2. Back protector is basic not certified CE level 1.
  3. Stitches in few joints and especially near back protector compartment lack confidence.
  4. This jacket should have an exterior rain protector.


I always prefer purchasing this kind of stuff from a store, so that you can feel the product before purchase which also ensures better fitting. If you are new to riding jacket and have enough reasons to protect yourself from mishaps, this jacket could be the best pick in this budget. Although I have highlighted a few cons above those are not deal-breaker for this jacket anyway. Always read reviews from various owners to understand the pros & cons before purchasing.

Disclaimer: All the above observations and fact shared are unbiased based on my personal experiences in the last 1.5 years.

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You can visit the below link know more about the Rynox Urban Riding Jacket.

Rynox Gears – Rynox Urban Riding Jacket

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