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Rishikhola, a place not for city lovers

Rishikhola, a place not for city lovers

Rishikhola is also known as Reshi Khola derived its name after Reshi River and Khola means a place on the bank of a river. This is one of the rarest serene place adjacent to Sikkim – West Bengal Border within Kalimpong District Range. It also deems to be an off-beat destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Those who love to hear sounds from a river, flowing through hills in a forest kind of environment or want to spend some time with himself/herself out of regular chaotic life. This place is an absolute choice to experience peace and nature side by side.

Reshi River, Rishikhola
Reshi River, Rishikhola

Local sightseeing near Rishikhola

If you wonder about, what will be the list of places to visit while being here, I would say, the first day you should walk along with the river and explore hidden beauties on your own. The second day you may plan to do local sightseeing, Aritar Lampokhari Lake (Artificial Lake) and if you can walk, do it till Rhenock. All you will get here is a river, a lot of greeneries in the lap of green covered hills. Hours will pass like seconds, once you start counting.

This place is all about how you love nature and what you should consider as ultimate satisfaction being a human. Maybe you will start thinking that I am exaggerating, but truly, words cannot justify the beauty this place offers.

Accommodation options

I visited Rishikhola around June 2015. At that time there were very limited options but nowadays a lot of homestays started functioning. Although my bet will be on “Reshi Eco-Tourism Resort“, Sebastian Pradhan owner of this place is one of the most popular people in the entire Sikkim & North Bengal for a pioneer of old Silk Route tourism, numerous homestay, and other development activity. You could not believe how he behaves until you see for yourself. Staying in a homestay is also affordable approx INR 1000 – 1200 (Season wise vary) per person including meals. Always ask for the riverside block while booking.

Sebastian Pradhan, Reshi Eco Resort
Sebastian Pradhan, Reshi Eco Resort

You can check out our Recommended Hotel Details to get details about the Rishikhola resort as well as many different places throughout India.

Fooding in Rishikhola

As I have already mentioned, food is included in the standard tariff. They serve homely food which tastes best because of fresh vegetables & fish in that beautiful environment.

Best time to visit

You should visit Rishikhola, in monsoon or after that. But you can visit in summer (you may spot rhododendron flower) or before winter also. During winter, you will not feel this place that mystic due to lack of greeneries and that wet soil aroma.

How to Reach Rishikhola

You can rent a cab from the nearest railway station NJP or Bus station Siliguri or Airport Bagdogra/Pakyong. If you are a solo backpacker or less than 4, you can take a shuttle till Rangpo, then till Rhenock, from there local cab or take a lift, this way you can save a lot. If you are booking in advance, do ask for a cab rent price, they may offer a lucrative rate for you. In case you are taking your own vehicle, just reach Rishikhola and ask for Sebastian Pradhan’s homestay. People are nice, they won’t misguide you.

Nearby Off-beat Places

You can visit Ramdhura, Icche Gaon, Sillery Gaon, Ramitay, Lingsey, Machong, Mangerjung Gaon, Mairung Gaon, last two are relatively new spots so not found in google maps, We will try to explore very soon. There are more alike places after Rongli but you may need to have a permit for those places.

You can also visit popular places like Gangtok, Ravangla, Pelling, Kalimpong, Tinchuley, and many more.

Pro Tip: ATM and stationery items will be available at Rhenock. If you love trekking, this ideal place for you.

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  1. Oh! I love trekking, and moreover I love nature even more. So this place seems to be a kind of spot I look for my vacations. Away from all the city hustle bustle, just nature and me.

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