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Digha, most popular Beach of West Bengal

Digha Sea Beach

Digha is one of the most famous sea beaches in West Bengal. It is approximately 190 KM from Kolkata and very well connected by road and train also. By your own vehicle or public/government bus, you can easily be there in 4 Hours. This can be your next weekend trip if you not been to Digha else you can rejoice the old memories. In fact, some people consider Digha as “Goa of West Bengal”. But I doubt, every place has its own charm, we can not compare them at all.

How to Reach Digha?

FIrstly, Start early around 04:30 AM from Kolkata in your own vehicle or 11:45 PM (previous day) by Bus from Esplanade. In 1.5 hours you will reach Kolaghat, where everybody stops here for quick bite and rest. There are multiple restaurants, find a suitable one for you based on your companion. Trust me, they all almost taste the same, few exceptions like Sher-E-Punjab, etc but again they are quite expensive too.

Continue your journey towards Nandakumar, a good four-lane highway is a treat to ride or drive. Sadly, after Nandakumar, it is a single lane road to Digha and beyond. Be aware, people and local transports are quite careless on the road. You can stretch yourself and reach Digha, or take a 15 min tea break in Contai, depends on you.


Nowadays, Digha is oversaturated with hotels of almost every budget, although few hotels restrict single person check-in. If you can walk a bit to the sea or have your own vehicle I will suggest staying in New Digha near Amravati park, quite a nice ambiance, hotels are decent & pocket-friendly too. Otherwise, Old Digha has Seahawk, Saikatabas, etc. Nowadays, New Digha got more tourists than the OLD Digha but spending an evening in OLD Digha Beach road feels always good, try to be there till late evening and refresh yourself.

We have listed a few good accommodations in our Recommended Hotel Details. Also, check out our Hotel Booking Tips to get better rooms.


Fooding is completely individuals choice, if you are fond of fish, there are lots of stalls selling fried & tandoori fish, just check whether those are fresh or not.

Sightseeing around Digha:

Chandaneswar Temple:

A temple of Lord Shiva. Keep leather items in the vehicle, those are not allowed inside the temple.


Talsari is also a very beautiful place for nature lovers, soak into the beauty for hours. In the afternoon, cool breezes will relax you. Lots of red crabs, you can run behind them.

Udaipur Beach:

Udaipur beach now looks like Goa, people drink beer and all. But just get aside and feel the nature. Sea is a bit calm here, not roaring like Digha. If you love nature and want to spend some time with yourself, walk the beach route towards Digha (Approx 1.5 KM). During sunset, this middle point looks divine, you can defenitely connect with yourself.

Note: Be careful, as this route will be empty and dark.


Passing through new Digha Gate, surrounding greeneries, you can reach Mohona in less than 30 minutes. A variety of fishes is available here at cheaper rates. Go straight to the end, spend some time to observe the beauty of the place. Lastly, Sunrise from this place looks awesome.

Digha Gate
Digha Gate

Also, you can enjoy the Rope-way ride, Marine Aquarium, Zoological Survey of India.

Also, there are multiple shops to buy souvenirs, key-rings, handicraft items, pearls jewelry and Saankh, you may get these items really cheap based on your bargaining skill.

Additionally, few more nearby beaches:


There are electric rickshaws, motor vans, Mahindra maximos and cars for local sightseeing, choose as per your budget above are few nearby places.

We have been in Digha a couple of times via different modes of transport (Car, Motorcycle, Bus, train). But I suggest taking your own vehicle to Digha else via Government bus (Bus fare: NON-AC: 145-155 & AC: 300-330). The train is also a very good option but you will reach almost around 10:30 – 11:00 AM which I personally don’t like.

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