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Bakkhali, a Chaotic but Beautiful Beach

Sunrise at Bakkhali

If you love Sea, you will definitely love Bakkhali, chaotic but beautiful beach. Maybe half a day you will spend at the seashore. Being a very small place, you will have a few sightseeing options.

At a distance of approximately 130 kilometers, Bakkhali, the nearest beach of Kolkata, can be your next weekend destination. It is located in one of the deltaic islands of the Bay of Bengal. Being a part of the Sundarban forest, Bakkhali has unmatched beauty to offer, mostly during sunrise and sunset. Probably for the first time, you will see how the tide can change the sealine, during low tide the sealine move so far that you can literally walk for 30 minutes straight.

Henry Island

Henry island is half an hour far from Bakkhali. This place has some accommodation options too. Surrounding greeneries look very soothing from the watchtower. You can even walk for 15 minutes to reach Henry Island beach through the section of forests, as per local mangrove trees can be spotted during the walk. The beach feels abandoned and calm than the Bakkhali counterpart.

On the way to Henry Island

Jambu Dwip

If you love ferry ride and want to have some adrenalin rush in the middle of the bouncy ocean, visit Jambu Dwip.


Fraserganj is famous for fishing, in the morning you can’t even stand long due to odd fish smell. This place has a major role in supplying fishes throughout the state. This locality also has few windmills which produce electricity.

Crocodile project

A part of the forest range is opened for the public to show few crocodiles.

Know more about Bakkhali here.


There are plenty of options available for a comfortable and budget stay. Normally the hotel fare remains low than any other sea destination of Bengal, although you might have to bargain a lot in some cases. Our first recommendation will be WBTDC lodge, one of the best options in Bakkhali. Other good options can be Balaka lodge, Hotel Babylon, Hotel Amaravati, etc. You should check out our How a Hotel should be post to know must-have basic amenities and privacy checks.


You will get Chinese, Mughlai and Bengali cuisine throughout the Bakkhali but the experience could be bitter. Few of the restaurants serve Bengali cuisine in the meal system, if you want to save more, you may try out there. Other and better option would be to dine in the Hotel you are staying, of course, few hotels serve good quality food but charge unreasonably sometimes. If you like crab don’t miss it here.


Bakkhali is well connected by road and rail. Every hour or so you will get a train for Namkhana from Sealdah station which will take approx 3 hours then you can hire a local cab, motor van or bus to reach Bakkhali, another 30 to 40 minutes. By car, you can reach Bakkhali via Dimond Harbour and recently opened Hatania Doania Bridge. Even you have an option for bus services from Esplanade to reach Namkhana and then hire local transportation to reach Bakkhali. For local sightseeing, you may hire Toto (E-Rickshaw), Motor Van or small cab.

  • Bus Timings – From Esplanade 06:30 AM, 7 AM, 07:30 AM (AC), 8 AM, 2 PM (Approx time 4:30 Hrs). From Bakkhali 1 PM, 2 PM, 06:30 PM. The fare is INR 93 for non-AC and INR 210 for AC.
  • Train Timings – Train fare in INR 25.

Best time to Visit Bakkhali

You can visit the place whenever you want but during monsoon and winter, this place becomes so pleasant. Having a cup of tea/coffee in the rain and watching the sea is a fantastic combination, you will love it.

Nearby Places to Visit

You may like to add a few more days and visit nearby places like Mousuni Island and Ganga Sagar.

Suggested Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Start around 5 Am from Kolkata and Reach Bakkhali by 10 to 11 AM. In the afternoon visit Henry Island.
  • Day 2 – Visit Crocodile Project, Bonbibi Temple, Fraserganj & Jambu Dwip. Return to Kolkata.


Bakkhali is any day a good beach to refresh your mind in a low budget and short duration. We travel to places to get some peace or to find our inner soul. But here situations sometimes get chaotic which somehow defame this place. Spend some time on the beach out of all hustle.

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