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Mandarmani, beautiful beach of Bengal

Mandarmani in Makeover

Mandarmani is famous for calm surroundings and different water sports also. One of the pleasant beaches in West Bengal. Once upon a time, we were allowed to take our own vehicle to the beach itself but due to some stupid people who used to race on the beach, beachside drive/ride is completely banned now.

If you want to spend some quality time with your inner soul or with dearest ones, Mandarmani is certainly one of the best beaches in West Bengal. A small detour of approx 9 KM from Chawlkhola (public transport is easily available) will take you straight to Mandarmani beach. Many options are available for stay, almost in every budget. Check out our Digha post to get direction to reach Chawlkhola and public transport options from Kolkata are also discussed. 

Although we are working to get some hotel details in every budget, we will try to publish in our Recommended Hotel Details section. Also, Check our generic guide Hotel Booking Tips to get better rooms.

Fooding is completely individuals choice, in case you are fond of fish, there are lots of stalls selling different tastes of fish items, just check whether those are fresh. Few more nearby beaches:

  • Digha
  • Chandpur
  • Shankarpur
  • Tajpur
  • Bankiput
  • Junput

An update and more detailing to this post are due for our next Mandarmani visit.

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