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Why Riding Gear can be a lifesaver for you

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A rider is not only who loves long rides or has a very expensive motorcycle either but everyone who rides a motorcycle for any reason. As a rider, we often underestimate the value of our or pillions life, either we don’t wear a helmet or any other safety gear. 

Today we will discuss Why you should invest in Riding Gears now otherwise things might go really bad.

Riding is a passion, brotherhood, or an integral part of a rider’s life. Admit it or not, it gives us a thrill, sense of freedom, community, happiness completely different perspective to life and the list goes on.

In motorcycling, as a rider, we probably look after almost everything like bike specifications, servicing, ergonomics, places we can visit, insurance, modifications, etc but still, most of us hardly concern about our own safety. 

Many of us are actually aware of how these riding gears might save our life in case of any unfortunate event. Still, they don’t opt for it.

What are Riding Gears?

Riding Gears are nothing but best-possible protection for our body but made in such a way that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. A helmet is well-known riding gear, similarly, purpose-built gloves, jackets, trousers, boots, etc also exist.

Is it true Riding Gears are mostly uncomfortable?

Yes, almost every budget riding gears won’t feel comfortable for most of you. But trust me within a week or two of continuous usage, this will change dramatically. It will not only become a style statement for you but also you will start feeling uncomfortable without those, it is fact.

In my case, I always used helmet only, no riding jackets, trousers, boots, or gloves, not even for 4000+ km rides also. Although I had gloves, I never used it as it hurts.

During the Leh Ladakh ride, I had no choice but to wear gloves because of cold and surprising after a few hundred kilometers, it became a habit and now I feel uncomfortable without gloves.

Riding Gears is not expensive than your life!

True, Riding Gears are in general expensive, if not super expensive. Tell me, how much your life costs. I might sound very funny to you, right, because life is precious, then why you are leaving your life unsafe, exposing it to unfortunate events.

You can purchase a complete standard riding gear set including, Helmet, jacket, trouser, glove, and boot for about 13k to 20k INR. For better or best options you may need to shell out more than 50k also.

You may check out our comprehensive guide on How to buy a good Helmet. Also, I will share similar guides for each riding gear category soon, outlining different aspects you must check before purchase.

My sole motive is to help you to buy the best possible product at every price point.

Why Riding Gears are super Important?

An accident can happen anytime, no one can predict it, correct? Suppose, you are riding in an open highway at a constant speed of 80 kmph or riding to the office through the busiest traffic of your city. Now, what if someone hit you, maybe due to rash driving, electrical failure, unconsciousness, or at the worst you lose control and fall.

You were maintaining traffic rules, still shit happens in life. Frankly speaking, this happens frequently.

I too had faced similar but the scariest accident in my life just because of someone else.

Now, wearing riding gear does not guarantee that you will return home without a scratch but it can absorb maximum impact in case of an accident and mostly you will be safe & alive.

Let me tell you when someone met with an accident, his/her head, palm, elbow, shoulder, spinal cord, hips, knees, ankles, and toes are the most prone to take almost 100% of the impact. That is why most of the riding gears provide protection at these critical points. Additionally, good riding gear is always made of highly durable & abrasion-resistant material like Cordura.

We will discuss riding gear material and other important aspects more comprehensively in How to choose and buying guide article.


Finally, I would say, It is your life and you can obviously do whatever you want even risking it to death also. 

But still, I would request you to thoroughly read How a Helmet saved my life from the scariest accident I can possibly ever met and then decide.

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