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  1. According to the statistics, Most of the dead are caused due to the head injury. If you love your life and bike riding than Don’t take normal or cheap helmets ever. I used “studds” its have good qualities…

  2. Nothing is important than your life. And if you’re are a rider then a good helmet is must. Your article is really going to help people to choose right one for them.

    1. For Ladakh, any branded, good quality and DOT/ECE22.05 certified helmet will be good, the more you can afford better.

      1) Full face helmet is good for highway rides at higher speeds.
      2) Dual sport/Adventure Helmet is best for both off-road and on-road.

  3. i am not a bike rider, but yes i ride scooter sometime,
    that’s article is really helpfull, cause i use a normal helmet while i read,
    thank you for such information,

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