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Coffee House New Town, Old Charm in Modern Wrapper?

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On 3rd December 2020, New Town got a Coffee House to its crown near Amity University. Although by its name it does not look like a branch of the famous “Indian Coffee House” but still the name “Coffee House” itself hold a prestigious heritage and a nostalgic feel to all Bengalis.

Today we will share details like how to reach, timings, food menus, and available facilities in Coffee House New Town.

Indian Coffee House is an emotional nostalgia for all Bengalis. Since it was established, people including famous poets, artists, etc. visit this place to meet friends (আড্ডা), read books or write. It has served many world-famous artists like Amartya Sen, Satyajit Ray, Aparna Sen, etc. and became a heritage by legendary singer Manna Dey through his song “কফি হাউসের সেই আড্ডাটা আজ আর নেই”.

History of Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House initially was Albert Hall, founded in April 1876 which later was converted to a cafe in 1942 followed by renaming to today’s famous Coffee House college street in 1947.

Coffee House New Town Timings

Coffee House New Town is currently operating from 12 PM to 7 PM. As of now, due to a visitor spike, you may have to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for your turn to get inside. Even if you are planning to go single you may need to share your table with others.

How to Reach Coffee House New Town

Coffee House New Town is located just opposite of Amity University near Eco Park. You can avail any bus to reach Rabindra Tirtha, Narkelbagan. From there HIDCO shuttle bus service (every 15-20 minutes) is available till Coffee House New Town for just 10 rupees. Otherwise, you can take your car or motorcycle or even a Taxi.

Narkelbagan to Coffee House New Town Bus Service
Narkelbagan to Coffee House New Town Bus Service

Decoration and Vibes

Indian Coffee House (College Street) is a nostalgic emotion to Bengalis, so the same kind of vibe is being replicated in modern style. Similar to the old Coffee House, you can see the large hall, circular tables, long hanging fans, and even food menus. But to maintain the current standard of living management has decided to add a few more amenities like AC, library, lift, and wall-hanging paintings. You can even feel the same kind of soothing but chaotic noise as the legendary college street Coffee House.

Food Menu in New Town Coffee House

The Food Menu is quite similar to the college street Coffee House. If we talk about value for money proportionate, I would say okayish, although I will share my personal experience and detailed review shortly on Lily’s Infinity Blog.

Available Facilities

  • Very clean ladies and gents restroom available
  • Library Available
  • Waiting Area both outside and inside are available
  • Free Wi-Fi available
  • Card payment is accepted

Parking Facility

As of now, free roadside parking for both motorcycles and cars are available. There are no other significant places nearby hence parking availability will not be an issue.

Road Side Parking, , Coffee House New Town

Places to Visit Nearby

Eco Park, Eco Park Seven Wonder’s, Biswa Bangla Shilpi Haat, Mother’s Wax Museum, Biswa Bangla Gate are few nearby places worth visiting.

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