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7 Easy Ways to Improve Yourself in COVID-19 Lockdown

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Our whole revolves around “I”. We always want to speak and hear about ourselves only. Some of you may think about what kind of rubbish is this, I love my family or I can do anything for them. See, the word “I” still comes even when you’re talking, How careful you are to your besties.

These 7 ways to improve yourself in COVID-19 lockdown are not about whether you how to replace “I” with “we”. Rather today, we will talk about how can you be a better version of yourself during this lockdown. In fact, lockdown for coronavirus or COVID-19 causing economical loss, and many other problems. Like any other negative situation or event, it has a few positive sides as well. We all know that 21 days are enough to make a habit or leave one, and as this lockdown seems to be extended more than that (already many states in India announced 16 days extension) this is the high time for us to improve ourselves.

Today we will discuss How you can utilize this lockdown to be a better version of yourself.

1. Make Discipline a practice to improve yourself

Discipline is everything in life, being an undisciplined person, all I can say, it is possibly the worst habit you may ever have or want to have. Maybe a few of you don’t even recognize this. Let me help you.

Suppose, yesterday you woke up at 5 AM, today at 8 AM, maybe tomorrow at 11 AM. Discipline says you fix your wake up time once as per your convenience and stick to it for life unless absolutely necessary. 

Discipline is the Bridge between Goals and Achivements.

Jim Rohn

To easily understand and maintain discipline you may create a daily, weekly, and monthly routine or schedule. Write every activity, assign a schedule, and most importantly stick to it. Obviously, you will miss a day or two but even for that also justify yourself and continue to maintain the discipline.

2. Find your goal in life and take the first step

Almost everyone lives their life for others, this is visibly not wrong but somewhere down the line, we lack greater meaning in our life. We may earn a lot, have a complete family or good house but what about your years-long dream and improving yourself? 

Is it what you want for the rest of your life or something else? Ask yourself. If the answer is not clear or something else, don’t waste your time, it’s the very time you should move on. Try to write down your dream and see how detailed it is. You will taste the small but very first success of your dream right now.

I know it will be a hard choice to follow your dream, but trust me at the end of the day your heart will smile a lot. For me, I decided this almost two years back with a lot of dilemmas, maybe today I have not moved very far but I am happy that I chose my dream over a normal IT job and obviously the most hated thing was office politics.

In case you can’t go full time on your dream now, work part-time and when you will feel the joy of achieving something for yourself, not for your boss or company, you may turn right.

3. Rework and Rejuvenate every relationship

Every relation is important, friends, family, office colleagues, neighbors, everyone. Relationship teaches us bonding, strength, and happiness. Family is everyone’s supportive system while friends, office colleagues are like honest teachers who either care for you or will strengthen you, and lastly, everyone else will test your humanity, morality, and common sense.

Family Is Not an Important Thing, It's Everything.

Michael J. Fox

During this lockdown, start spending time with your families, maybe you can eat together, watch the news and discuss current situations for some time. This will definitely increase your bonding, make yourself happy and relaxed, give it a Try.

Lastly, if any relationship is really bothering you get out of it to improve yourself, your inner soul.

4. Discover what is important to you and what not?

We all should start listing our priorities in life. Sometimes we ignore the importance of most precious things like talking to family members, friends, or spending time with them. While giving top priorities to virtual and fake things like social media, games, movies, etc, they deserve quite a lesser importance.

By any means I am not saying you should not play games, watch movies, or be active on social media but maintaining a balance between virtual and real-life is very crucial.

For example, we mostly use social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. for entertainment purposes mainly. We rarely talk to friends or find useful information these days rather we get fake news, manipulative content, or unreal business promotions.

5. Start loving yourself again

In this part of the “improve yourself” journey, you should again start loving yourself. Generally, in the daily hustle, we forget to maintain or nourish ourselves, either we don’t follow a diet or we forget how to take care of our obesity. After the lockdown, we all will be more one-sided towards work or money.

Loving Yourself is Basic.


This is the correct time we should evaluate ourselves and act accordingly. Some of you may need to start exercise, while some of you start skincare, hair fall or diet, etc.

Once we start doing this we will not only be younger or healthy but will be happy from inside, again we will fall in love with ourselves.

6. Prepare yourself for future and worst days

We all know how this lockdown is affecting our pocket and countrywide economy. Many of us have already started getting depressed and the rest will also be soon. Don’t worry I am not exaggerating things but telling you my understanding.

There are many people who don’t save money or have very little savings. Due to the fact many factories, companies, and transport are in suspended mode, associated workers are also lacking financial stability.

High and upper-middle-class may not get affected due to this lockdown directly but as the lower tier will start breaking, they will also get impacted sure.

We should prepare ourselves for the worst scenario, I hope that day will never come but being mentally strong is very important. Additionally, we also should think about alternative income channels like private coaching, dropshipping, or anything we can go sideways.

Prepare for worst and give your best


7. Quit your bad habit or improve your good habit

After reading this post, take a pen and paper and start writing down 10 good habits and 10 bad habits side by side. Now go through each habit and decide whether this habit needs correction or you should get over from it. 

Never start working on all changes at a time, this will lead to nothing but failure. Give yourself at least a week’s time before you move to the next habit.

Conclusion, Let's Do It Together

As a human being, I also have a lot of bad habits and lack discipline, let we all do this together.

  1. Make a list of 10 bad habits and 10 good habits
  2. Give each habit a week’s time before we include the next.
  3. Never give up on trying.
  4. Create a routine and strictly follow it. Be the judge and self-evaluate every night.
  5. Let each other know in the comment area, what you achieved in a week’s time.

Anyways, every news channel, social media are continuously sharing information please pay attention to authentic news only. Although, there are chances of getting fake news viral but use your sense and act accordingly.

Be safe, Be alert! Don’t let this virus infect you or your family.

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