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5 key lessons to Learn from COVID-19 Pandemic

Undoubtedly Covid-19 has made a lot of problems at each level be it as individual, community, or as a whole country, everyone is affected and continuing to do so.. 

Still, COVID-19 has pointed us important factors to look after like medical facilities, education systems, nature, work culture, etc.

Today we will discuss 5 key lessons to learn from COVID-19 Pandemic which forced us to look after, re-focus our priority.

COVID-19 Showed us where to Focus Immediately

This COVID-19 pandemic showed us, we are still not ready to fight this kind of large-scale massacre. Whatever you or government might say/think, we need far better medical infrastructure, be it in research or daily health services. We might excel in rocket science or in any other field but as the first and most important key lesson, we must look after Education and Health Care systems as basic need.

Few recommendations to make for Health services in India

  1. Government and government undertaking hospitals need to be available to provide better service in this kind of situation.
  2. Many government hospitals provide free services but the facility or cleanliness is below standard in some cases non-existent. They can start charging significant low fees to improve their facilities.
  3. I can understand rich or ultra-rich people can afford the best nursing homes or private hospitals. But any government hospital should look after middle-class people or below, who can’t afford the expenditure of private hospitals. As a citizen, we all deserve, decent and clean hospital beds if not best at the lowest cost possible.

Not only that our research need to evolve a lot to fight against this kind of virus outbreak. Every Medical facilities like research center, hospitals, clinic, and their staffs should be in a harmony to work & learn together.

lastly, our Education System plays one of the crucial role here, we lack basic education, I am not talking about mainstream education only rather general knowledge, sex education, morale and real life lessons also.

I personally believe these along with basic education has to reach every layer of our society, only then people will understand the intensity, importance and their responsibility in these kind of situations.

Education System India Infographic
Education System India Infographic | Credit: Braingainmag.com

Mother Nature healing herself and it is evident

We admit it or not, we were continuously harming nature in our daily life by having a lot of transportation, littering everywhere, etc. Second key lessons to learn from COVID-19 is to respect the mother nature. We are part of nature, maintaining the balance is our duty.

Currently, as this lockdown stop almost every public transport, people are not roaming and littering here n there, nature tends to heal herself. We can see clear blue sky, breathing a lot of fresh air probably after decades which further reduced chronic cough caused by pollution for many.

In places, many endangered or rare animals have been spotted.

  1. Nilgai was spotted near Great India Place mall in Noida.
  2. Spotted deers were sighted in and around Tirupati, the temple town.
  3. Indian civet was sighted while using Zebra crossing in Meppayur in Kozhikode.
  4. Residents of Mumbai’s Khareghat Parsi Colony witnessed dozens of peacocks.
  5. One horn Rhino spotted in Sonapur town, Guwahati.
  6. Almost after 7 seven years, turtles have been seen nesting in Odisha’s Rushikulya rookery and Gahirmatha Beach. Seems like lack of tourists and boats made them come out of the shell.
  7. Dolphins were spotted in the waters of Marine Drive and Malabar Hill, Mumbai. While it is not that rare to spot them there but definitely this time, they were very close to the coast.

To know more, click here.

Truly We became unhygienic

Believe it or not, most of us used to have outside junk foods and drink every day. Out of all excuses and reasons like our cook did not come, we got late or we forget to carry our tiffins, lunch, or even dinner, we used to harm ourselves and our digestive system.

Due to this COVID situation and extended lockdown, most of us staying inside our house. We now have homemade fresh food which helped a lot to recover our digestive system.

Lastly, with the help of less pollution, we now have healthier and tan-free skin.

Facts about Junk Food
Facts about Junk Food, Key lessons to learn from COVID-19 | Credit: LiveLighter

Work from Home must be an option

Work from home is becoming a trend now, many IT companies even Government organizations are promoting this to provide continuous service & support and also most importantly prevent unemployment. This culture is not newly invented rather working for nearly a decade or so, for many IT companies at least. Not only in this kind of pandemic situation but it can be useful in regular life as well.

Suppose a pregnant lady get minimum 6-9 months of leave, what if she can do work from home whenever she can, at least it will boost the productivity of the organization same goes for a mild-ill person or someone having an hour of personal work in the home.

The main challenge of Work from Home can be tracking if someone working or not. Slowly but definitely people will understand that they can get benefit out of working from home. So the chances of them not working should drastically reduce over time. Otherwise, there are many technical solutions or software available to track the same.

Lastly, working from can be beneficial for organizations, especially from infrastructure maintenance perspective.

Work From Home, Key lessons to learn from COVID-19
Work From Home, Key lessons to learn from COVID-19 | Credit: Digital Mom Blog

COVID lockdown warned us to be better and safer

Except for the frontline warriors like the doctor, nurses, policemen, and all who directly fighting the pandemic, we all are getting time to self-assess ourselves, to point out our mistakes and improve.

Some of us may be running after money, a better lifestyle, a bigger home, or our life partner. This unexpected lockdown pauses almost everything, now we can easily differentiate between basic needs and luxury, so does for our goals in life. If you still did not get what change should make you better, read our post 7 ways to be a better version of yourself.

It says the situation teaches us everything, correct. This time it is teaching us to be safer also. In the last few months, we rediscovered many known words like sanitization, social distancing, quarantine, and I don’t think we can just let it goes. We should make it a practice over time. This will not only help us to stay safe but also healthier.

Even after lockdown, we should maintain minimal social distancing in public transportations like trains, buses, metros, and congested public places like markets, malls, tourist places. We should cover our face while sneezing or use a mask for a cough or the same kind of common illness.

Social Distancin, Key lessons to learn from COVID-19
Social Distancin, Key lessons to learn from COVID-19 | Credit: Elon University

It is true that COVID a.k.a Sars-cov-2 made a lot of casualties and continuously doing so. But we can neither let our hope nor the positive side of COVID-19 lockdown fade away. At least for a few years we have to live with it and its effect. There are many key lessons we can learn from COVID-19 related to finance, transportation, we will discuss those later.

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